Modding the Xbox Enclosure Cast

Xbox Enclosure Modding- in this project, you will learn how to personalize the console or system unit.

Materials and tools:

  1. You need a convex desired image (maybe a mask or a self-made image of fiberglass and epoxy resin), the main thing is that it is light and strong enough;
  2. glass fiber reinforced putty (buy at an auto shop);
  3. epoxy glue;
  4. sandpaper of different grain sizes
  5. primer and paint.

Step 1

Take a convex image (mask) and cut off all the excess with a margin for gluing. We glue the "mask" to the body with epoxy glue. Wait until the glue dries.

Mask the mask well along the edges; you can also putty on the mask itself. We are waiting for the putty to dry.

Step 2

After the putty has dried, sand the surface thoroughly with emery paper, first use a coarse-grained, then smaller and smaller, until a smooth surface is obtained.

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