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Do you like gum or more? or another program? tell)

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Everyone says KVN today is not the same, but I will say - the gums are not the same today. I used to like both shows before, but now it�s frankly not funny in gum! Especially sad is the duet named after Chekhov, such hackneyed themes and jokes, that just beeeeeeeee. But KVN remained ridiculous and, moreover, a kind program. Why does everyone think he has changed? Because there is the influence of time - political jokes and so on. Before, I also thought that yes - it had changed, the same Sochi and the District City were just monsters compared to the new teams, but decided to watch their best performances and not funny! I do not remember the atmosphere of that time, and therefore it is not funny.
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I love the good old British stand up, but this, of course, is relevant for thosewho knows the language and culture of this country! I have been breathing England class from the ninth, their culture amazes me! Surprisingly, when someone doesn�t understand the joke, he says like, "Well, well, English humor." I wonder what that means? They have awesome humor! He is not as obvious as Russian, like the boobs said and everyone laughed, they have it thinner. Maybe people mean the subtlety of humor when they say this phrase. But in general, I also like to watch KVN, and the gums are just vulgar in every sense of the word!
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Oh, what are you all gang ganged! Well, the duet of Chekhov agrees, I do not understand why they are being held, they do not know how to win back, nor invent something fresh. But otherwise ... There are funny guys and they really try to constantly look for new comedians, how many shows they have for this special! And they go non-stop, the composition is constantly updated. In addition, they are not afraid to try experimental humor, for which I love them! KVN has become somehow ... small, or something ... Awesome is still a transfer of Stand up by TNT, the guys really burn!
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I like comedy woman there any cool postings
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About the dumplings then forgot ... "Once in Russia" - also pulls on 4. Of course, if without this idiot with gum. "Stand Up" - along with them. There is something there. KVN is a program for creating new, better projects. It seems to me, "Oil" and thought about it. Comedy - Gone, but there are some good jokes. The big difference is a couple of funny parodies, but there are some absolutely terrible ones. But, about the scraps of television, I will not speak.

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